UPS Sales Johannesburg

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UPS Sales Johannesburg

UPS Sales Johannesburg

UPS Sales in Johannesburg

At RTsystems we are the most skilled UPS sales Johannesburg you could have in your technical infrastructure.  We have been in the industry providing outstanding custom-made services such as deploying, managing, and monitoring for over 17 years. We offer the best, most cost effective and power monitoring solutions.

We work with a range of industries from telecoms, data centres, financial services and the public sector. We are South Africa’s largest UPS sales Johannesburg and independent provider of cohesive ecosystems all the relevant data centre and management required for buildings.

Our end users or customers know us and our faces because we have part of their daily activities covered by systems installed and monitored by TRsystems UPS sales Johannesburg across the country.

Offered UPS Sales Johannesburg

  • UPSs
  • Environmental Monitoring

Environmental monitoring empowers you to make suitable move to avert downtime in critical systems.

  • PDUs

A power distribution unit (PDU) is a gadget fitted with different yields intended to convey electric power, particularly to racks of PCs and systems equipment situated inside a data centre. The data centre face difficulties in power security and the board arrangements.

  • Reserve Power Batteries

These batteries are log life designed and they are appropriate for every industrial operation such as UPS, Data Centres, Solar Systems and many more.

  • Generators
  • Delta Cab Micro Data Centre

The Data Centre makes it simple and savvy to include data centre volume or bulk anywhere.

  • DCIM
  • Branch Circuit Monitoring

 Why choose Systems UPS Sales Johannesburg?

  • We are the a one-stop-shop providing full services of the world’s best products for all your power monitoring and other infrastructure needs.
  • We have personal relationships with our clients, we know them, and they also know our names and faces. Therefore, it’s easier for them to request their favourites services.
  • You do not have to leave home, office and all your important dues to come place order everything can be done and finalised online.
  • We empower our clients, contractors, consultants, end users, and partners through a continuous development and training process – and a raft of managed services.
  • We work closely with ICT consultants, facilities companies, and consulting engineers to ensure that the solution delivered is fit for purpose.
  • We offer affordable costs to suit your requirements and budget.
  • We hire only the best in the market. All our technicians, consultants and staff are fully skilled and qualified.




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