Our People

Although we have grown steadily since those early days as a pure play monitoring company, our tightly focused internal methodologies and efficient processes, including those used in our 24x7x365 monitoring and operations centre, keep us agile and responsive. We are one of very few midsize companies with offices in all of the country’s major commercial centres.

RT Systems highly trained, experienced technicians have been formally certified by our equipment suppliers and our skills base is unmatched.

Because our teams are multi-disciplined, we save our clients both money and time by being able to service all software and monitoring, electrical, UPS, and fire issues with a single team making a single trip to site.

We can also boost client productivity and significantly enhance time to benefit by putting different teams on different sites simultaneously, making possible rapid deployments of systems and platforms in multiple geographies.

We have an in-house training facility, where our people are encouraged to continuously update their skills and knowledge. We also train clients, end users, and consultants in order to ensure effective knowledge transfer and empower our clients once their installation is complete. In addition, we provide a raft of managed services to support clients throughout their solution’s life cycle.