UPS Repairs Fourways


UPS Repairs Fourways

UPS Repairs Fourways

UPS Repairs Fourways

Wouldn’t it be better to hire a professional UPS repairs Fourways than to try UPS repairs yourself? Get in touch with RTsystems to find out more about a UPS Repairs Fourways Program that suits your budget at affordable costs. We provide UPS repair service in and around Johannesburg, South Africa.

Get your UPS repaired by our skilled professionals. Let RTsystems support and keep up your UPS system so you get a chance to sit back and watch us work on your power outage. We allow you as a client to get your UPS team to work hand-in- hand with our UPS repairs Fourways experts to actualize a support plan for your UPS system the way you want it.

Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) system prevents power fluctuations and keep organisation’s your electronics such as Computers and other electric gadgets working to avoid downtime which may cost the company clients and reputation. We have helped several clients prevent such disasters.

UPS Repairs Fourways Services

At UPS repairs Fourways we install, monitor, service, test and repair most makes of ups systems and generators.

We add additional life warranty to your installation to avoid or keep it safe from future harm to the inverter. With our services you do not have to throw away your inverter because with all the knowledge and experience we have, we can still bring it back to life as brand new.

When to know your UPS needs Repair and this we can also fix:

  • If your batteries are no longer charging
  • When it has reached its warranty
  • Smell like its burning
  • Failing to back up
  • Blowing up
  • Unable or struggle to connect both (AC and Dc Connection)
  • Poor lighting damage

We offer inverters, panels, batteries and installation services to assist you on your way to pollution free energy. We also assist giving your UPS extended the operational life which also saves you from overpaying.

Our aim ensures our communities take right decision for their facilities to last them longer, preventing unexpectedly spending their budgets to replace an entire UPS. Through repair and maintenance, they can prevent UPS unforeseen downtime disappointments and come up with back-up plan for the future UPS failures.

Well-maintained UPS system will require few or no expensive repairs as it would be maintained from time to time therefore, when you have RTsytems on your sleeve you will pay no unexpected UPS costs


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