UPS Supply in South Africa

2 DPH SERIES 25 200

UPS Supply in South Africa

UPS Supply in South Africa

UPS Supply in South Africa

Are you looking for the largest and leading UPS supply in South Africa?  At RTsystems we have relevant experience of supplying, installing, maintaining and monitoring UPS systems and diesel or solar generators.

For the past 17 years we have made our goal to ensure that business’s growth never be delayed due to avoidable technical limitations of existing power hardware that UPS supply in South Africa could avoid. We want companies to be serious about protecting their power supplies and prepare for increasing success, flexible, scalable systems that are built to be easy by RTsystems UPS supply in South Africa to enlarge as needed and to accommodate greater demands for power protection.

UPS Supply in South Africa: Services

Whether you are searching for UPS Power Systems or Generators for crisis control, we’re here to help. Our specialists are always on stand-by to suit your needs. We have defended and saved several SA’s power supplies and our clients are happy with the results. You can also call or come by our offices four our specialists to monitor and observe your operation centre for issues and fix them for you before they turn into risk to your infrastructure. Give us a call our consultants are available 24 hours a day.

We supply and install PC and server room observing systems that monitor natural or environmental conditions. Once we have applied our service in your company, should it happen a that critical status is recognized in the system, notices will be sent by email, SMS instant message empowering you to make a move and avoid the downtime to affect your growth.

Which power system does the UPS Supply in South Africa use?

We like to keep our customers in charge therefore we do not restrict them to one brand name for equipment. They can choose their own power systems brands and power protection. However, should they request our help on the power system brand we do recommend the ones we think are strong and long lasting.

Why choose RTsytems UPS Supply in South Africa?

  • Our qualified sales staff or consultants are available to guide you through the best UPS solution.
  •  Full support to prevent or minimise downtime.
  • Frequent maintenance according to the client’s requirements.
  • As mentioned above, we enjoy working with hands-on companies as a result we work with your in-house specialists proving free training.
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