RT Wireless is the newest division within RT Systems, this division is responsible for site surveys, installations and maintenance of licensed and unlicensed outdoor wireless equipment. We are also responsible for installations and maintenance indoor wireless  equipment.


Site Surveys: Team goes to site to make sure that there is clear line of site to a specific hub or high site, once there we also have to show on photos how the outside cable run must be done as well as the cable run on the interior of the building, mounting position, we also have to take pictures of the server room, power and Cabinet. A bill of material is also put together so that whichever contractor gets assigned to the job knows exactly what material is needed for the job.


No Line of site: If there is no line of site to the suggested hub or high site our site survey team will attempt to find a route to another hub ore high site, this may result in extra costs to the customer as this link may require a double or even triple hop solution.


Installations: Once customer / landlord has signed off the site survey the installation can commence, our team will also receive a planning document from the vendor with the specifications of how the link needs to operate. Once installation has been completed we need to supply the Vendor with a ATP document which as pictures of the mounting position, outside cable run, inside cable run, power, cabinet and serial numbers of the equipment. (Please find attached ATP docs)


Maintenance: This will be call outs on sites that we have installed or other sites, that are having problems that need to be addressed, ie: Radio needs to be panned due to strong winds, Equipment issues, power related issues.


Our Wireless engineers have been trained on various types of wireless equipment and are able to assist our Vendors with support or maintenance including:


  • Implementation of RF Analysis for Wi-Fi / Microwave if required on behalf of the Vendor
  • Impelemtation of Wireless Network Design
  • Assistance with Wireless Site Surveys