SME and Residential Power Solutions

The erratic supply of electricity is not a factor that businesses or SMEs can afford to ignore when considering their overhead. With more and more organisations opting for a work from home scenario, every company, no matter how large or how small, must monitor its power availability and usage.  The RT systems range of UPSs are known for portability, efficiency and reliability for the SME and work from home office set up.

With more companies opting for the work from home situation, RT Systems offers a competitive edge to small businesses and the residential market in need of power solutions. These products are designed to ensure that companies and home offices can protect their environments by maintaining a steady flow of power.

Product family



Line Interactive UPS


Home, Monitor, PC and POS

Online Double-Conversion UPS


Hub and Network rooms, POS, Telecoms, Small Computer room, Commercial Facility

Power Box Pro Inverter


Work from home, Portable work from anywhere.  Extra long run time option available.