Delta Cab Micro Data Centre



The DeltaCab Micro Data Centre makes it easy and cost-effective to add data centre capacity anywhere. Compact and self-reliant, it provides localised computing resources. The customisable unit includes a secure physical enclosure, UPS, PDU, cooling and environmental monitoring in tested, pre-assembled form for immediate deployment.


The component options of the DeltaCab Micro Data Centre ensures that it offers a complete solution.

  • Flexible racks for servers and network hardware
  • Managed Power distribution
  • Monitoring and security technology
  • Climate control
  • Fire detection and automatic suppression
  • Front door access and back panel for maintenance
  • Water and dust sealed
  • Integrated lighting.


Diverse benefits. Focused control 

  • Manage Risk – Access and theft control, fire suppression and dust insulation
  • Connectivity – Network and storage enabled
  • Power – UPS and remote management
  • Temperature – Climate controlled and thermal 
  • Control & monitor – DCIM enabled for control 
and monitoring.
Think inside the box – completely customisable components include:


Delta UPS

RT Series, Single Phase – 1/2/3 kVA
Reliable power with greater energy-saving features
The Amplon RT 1-3kVA series is an online double-conversion UPS providing consistent sine-wave power to your critical equipment. It supports personal computers, networks, servers, VoIP and telecommunication areas. The Amplon RT 1-3kVA series features an output power factor of 0.9 and best-in-class Ac-Ac efficiency up to 94% resulting in greater energy savings. An optional external battery pack can be connected to longer back up time to keep your applications safe and running smoothly at all times

Delta Static Transfer Switch

Highly reliable power redundancy for mission critical IT equipment
The Static Transfer Switch (STS) safeguards the uninterrupted operation of mission critical IT equipment. Powered by two independent power sources, the STS rapidly switches from one source to the other automatically when the power supply used to power its connected load fails. For data centre applications, the STS allows power drop risk to be shared or distributed to each rack to prevent power loss for the whole system. The STS offers an efficient and reliable switch that supports the high redundancy requirements of mission critical power systems.

Delta Power Distribution Unit

Integrated power distribution for optimal power management
Delta’s power distribution management units (PDU) provide optimal power distribution for devices inside a rack. In addition to easily distributing power to equipment, PDUs also provide complete power protection. Delta offers a range of basic metered PDUs that you can easily install vertically or horizontally inside a rack – making establishing a data centre more efficient

Delta EnviroStation EnviroProbe

Critical network monitoring solutions
EnviroProbe monitors temperature, humidity in a single cabinet or area and transmits signals from environment sensor devices in the data center (e.g.: door sensors, smoke detectors, fire detectors, water-leakage detectors etc.) to management via network. EnviroProbe also controls its connected devices when equipped with digital and analog outputs, keeping the IT manager promptly informed of all environmental changes by giving alarms, controlling the activation and deactivation of an external device (e.g. a magnetic lock), or by giving a sound alert using its own built-in buzzer upon detection of water leakage.


The future in cabinet protection
PyroRack is a self-contained automatic fire extinguishing system, which can be used in many industry sectors. Designed to be housed in racking systems for the protection of delicate electronic equipment, the PyroRack is fully capable of detecting a fire using single or coincidence detection and responding by extinguishing the fire in less than 10 seconds of detection. Signals can also be sent to other equipment via VFCC or RS232 to inform of the units status and to key personnel for immediate investigation.


Unlocking a world of smart security
This keyless, smartlock works remotely via a mobile app giving you control over by who, when and where your cabinets are accessed. The 8 mm boron-hardened shackle toughened lock is used for applications such as data cabinets, gates, lockers, storage, cash boxes and beyond.