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24/7x365 Monitoring operations centre

+27 (0) 11 6465250

The RT systems monitoring operations centre ties it all together with 24/7x365 staff to ensure products we deliver are healthy and maintained properly so that they are ready in the event of an environmental abnormality within your computer room or data centre.

RT systems is able to provide a bespoke environmental monitoring solution for your business. We differentiate ourselves from competitors through the service we provide via our dedicated expert sales staff, installation teams and monitoring operations centre.

The monitoring operations centre offers:

Environmental monitoring
Our monitoring operations staff will log all related calls on a dedicated software platform and forward any alarm notifications to a predefined escalation list. The monitoring service provided includes follow-up confirmation to ensure receipt of alarm notifications; and monthly monitoring reports including system(s) status and summary of alarms (if any).

Battery monitoring
As with environmental monitoring, the monitoring operations staff logs all related battery issues and alarm situations, providing analysis and monthly reporting similar to our environmental monitoring services offered on TM.

UPS monitoring
Our monitoring operations centre also includes a proactive UPS monitoring service.

Help desk
Should you experience any problems with any products, installation, alarm conditions, or would like assistance, please call us on +27 (0) 11 646 5250.