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RT systems offers DCIM solutions from nlyte Software.

nlyte 7 Suite
Power IQ by Raritan

nlyte 7 Suite

Nlyte Software is the world's leading software company focused on planning, managing and optimizing data centers. Nlyte Software enables enterprises to extend IT management software to include the physical layer with the logical and virtual layers of the data center, maximizing the financial benefits from the optimized utilization of assets, space and power. Nlyte's proven platform is used in the data centers of some of the largest and most valued companies in the world.
  • The DCIM industry's only central repository of contextual data center asset information and interrelationships
  • Patented automatic selection and execution of optimal asset allocation
  • Sophisticated "what if" modeling supported by the industry’s first integrated Business Intelligence engine
  • Powerful, flexible workflow engine for operational and project management
  • Refined data-driven modeling and capacity visualization of data center floors and cabinets
  • Extensive asset library with key attributes
  • Mapping of asset relationships and dependencies
  • Logical, pod, cage and user-defined asset grouping capability
  • Complete power and network connection management
  • Automated asset reconciliation
  • Robust web services API for rapid integration to 3rd party apps
  • Off-the-shelf integrations with ITSM frameworks

Power IQ® from Raritan

Power IQ enables you to be more energy efficient and fully utilise your existing data centre power infrastructure. Powerful cooling charts, graceful OS shutdown and bill back reports provide you the tools to be more energy efficiency. Understand your real-time power load, rate of change and forecasted trends at all levels of your infrastructure to fully utilise your existing resources. The configurable dashboard provides a vendor agnostic centralised view of power and environmental health, energy capacity and consumption, weather services and maps. Our smart rack concept provides you one “click access” to rack power, cooling, airflow, events and much more.

Data Centre Operators can add support for additional manufacturers on their own with the new user configurable data collection module by entering the MIB OID for the data they want to collect.

As the energy management component of Raritan's DCIM solution, Power IQ helps data centres become more energy efficient by finding stranded power capacity through:

  • A user configurable dashboard.
  • Agentless graceful shutdown of Windows®, Linux® and Unix® device groups.
  • Psychrometric chart to calculate possible energy savings from simply increasing temperature.
  • Energy cost bill-back reports to drive behaviour.
  • Decommission flags to forecast energy savings when eliminating servers.
  • Baseline consumption and changes of various energy saving initiatives.
  • Capture peak loads under compute stress to identify excess power capacity in the rack.
  • Power capacity forecast charts.
  • Power capacity utilisation gauges.
  • Smart rack view with quick charts.


Security is ensured through standards-based authentication, web-session timeout and IP-based access control. The system is open database compliant (ODBC) and includes a web service API for easy integration with enterprise management systems and scripts.